VisionaryDeFi Questions & Answers:

Question: Where to buy?

Answer: As of now, you can buy on Uniswap.org


Question: How to buy?

Answer: Buy Eth, send it to your wallet, Connect your wallet to uniswap, set your slippage to 30% and click swap.


Question: What is the supply?

Answer: 555 Sextillion


Question: Is this a Potential Rug Pull?

Answer: We are far from being a rugpull, essentially, no. Our community is built on trust, security and honesty. We are very transparent, which is a key to success in the crypto space. liquidity will always remain locked to prevent any rugpulls.


Question: What are the tokenomics?  

Answer:  We think of you, the holders first!

3% Reflections  to give back more to holders

10% To liquidity pool to strengtenth the floor

5% Feed The Kids ( Partnership)

2% Dev

5% Marketing


Questions: What is our future goals?

Answer: To help normal people build, retain generational wealth from just a few hundred dollars of investment.




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